Chapter 19 Calendar

What is a meeting?

Brothers and Sisters

What is a meeting?  Did you know our union has member meetings?  We need you as a member of AUPE local 004 Chapter 019 to attend meetings.  Our leadership needs you to attend because we need a certain number of members to move forward with the meetings.  They call this number quorum.  In chapter 19 we need 9 members to continue with the meeting.  

On November 22, 2018 only five members showed up..  That meant we had to cancel the meeting.  Important issues were dead on the floor.  Important issues.  For example we need more shop stewards.  The steward issue starts at chapter meeting and moves foward from that day.  

Help!  Do not ignore the invitations sent to you.  Come to meetings so business can continue.  We have four meetings per year.  

Please forward your personal email to the chapter chair to complete mail out list.

In solidarity Todd Tate, Chapter Chair 004/019