Chapter 19 Calendar

AGM Chapter 19. Second call Please RSVP.



Local 004 Chapter 019

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting for


Local 004 Chapter 019 has been scheduled as follows 

When: Thursday, April 25, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm
Where: AUPE HQ – 10451 170 St

Edmonton Boardroom – 3rd Floor


Call to Order and Statement of Equality


Roll Call – Sign attendance sheet


Introduction of Executive and Guests


Adoption of previous Minutes


Open Issues


Reports Of The Officers


Old Business


New Business




Joint Work site Committee Appointments


Set date for next meeting


Proposed Budget




Meeting called by Todd Tate, Chapter Chair


Please Note - if you need to travel and hotel, the Local will pay the expenses. 


Usual is $0.52/km and hotels are average $144.00 per night. 


You may also book half day off travel day at Local expense. 




Contact Chapter Chair at if you have questions