Local 04 members from Chapter 15 participated in a Meet & Greet with other Chapter members from six other Locals on September 04 at the Red Deer Provincial Building.  The purpose of the gathering was for all AUPE members to get to know one another creating Solidarity through mobilization.

This week Local 004/ch 015 had a chance for one of their members (myself) to attend labour school.  I was joined with Len from Calgary Local 004/ch?.  We had a week to network, meet some great people and enjoy other members fellowship.  The course I took was called a culture of inclusion, and it was amazing.  My first time at labour school, and all I have to say is that we have an awesome union, and we are so fortunate to have such a strong membership that thinks so highly of continuing education.

Local 004, you rock!.

Kevin Glubrecht. 2016-03-04